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Andy Kouklis, Jr.
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Erick Garcia
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Martin Dispoto
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Operations Manager
Drew Kouklis
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Human Resources
Rosie Rodriguez
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Dependability You Deserve
Call our trucking company, in Delano, California, at 1 (661) 725-1406 for trucking transportation and equipment including dry and refrigerated vans, fiberglass and metal tanks, and flatbed trucks.

Phone: 1 (661) 725-1406
Fax: 1 (661) 725-7729

With safety being one of our highest priorities, our trucking company maintains our fleet with shops and mechanics at both sites, Delano and San Jacinto, CA. Our equipment is maintained to the highest standard providing assurance to customers with the knowledge that we are always ready with safe and dependable equipment.

  • Certified Mechanics
  • Safe Team Drivers
  • Swampers Available When Needed
  • Reliable Management
  • Knowledgeable Dispatch
  • Friendly Office Staff

Flatbed Trailers. Metal Tanks Our goal for Empire Ag Transport is to create a "greener" industry. One method was to create an ancillary company known as Road to Rail, Inc. As the name implies, we are partnered with a rail transportation company to reduce the impact on the environment and provide the most cost effective means of moving products and produce.

For our customers, it means we can handle all of your shipping needs with the least impact on the environment at the most economical prices.